Everyone knows how important a garage door is because we use it every day, but it could become more challenging as time goes on. When it stops moving as it should, there may be a problem with the sensors that watch over the garage door. You won’t be able to use your garage door as usual, but there is a way around this. Denzel’s Garage Doors can help you with how this is done to avoid the sensors on the garage door. 

Many people must be aware that they can bypass their garage door sensors. Bypassing your garage door sensors is a great way to save time and money in certain situations, such as when you need to open the door quickly or if you want to avoid paying for expensive repairs. Let’s look at how to safely and effectively bypass your garage door sensors Marina Del Rey CA


The garage door safety sensors ensure safe operation. They can detect objects in the garage door’s path and signal them to open or close. A garage door is safe because of this feature. They can also cause problems if the garage door suddenly reverses without warning. They could be out of alignment, dirty, or broken garage door sensor wires. You should inspect them regularly to ensure they are in good working order.

Sensors are required for all garage doors. Garage door opener sensors also work with infrared light from the photo eyes. They are located at the bottom of the garage door and act as sending and receiving units.

The infrared light from the photo-eyes must align to see if objects are in the line of vision. The garage door will signal to turn the door around if one of the sensors is not aligned. It would be difficult to use your garage door if this happened.


You can see that your garage door sensors are acting up. These are signs that your garage door sensors may be in poor condition.

1. Garage Door Open

Place an object between both sensors. This will allow you to test whether the photo eyes can detect the object. Next, push the remote button to close the garage door. Once it has detected the object, the door should remain open. If the door crushes a thing, it signifies something is wrong. If the garage door reverses suddenly after you’ve placed something, this is another sign that the sensors may be defective.

2. Verify the Alignment

The garage door sensor is shown in the photo-eyes as yellow or green depending on whether it’s turned on. They will be misaligned if they turn red. You should already know how to adjust garage door sensors. To correct the position of the sensors, tighten the screw. Next, open the garage door again.

3. Clean the Sensors

Place another object in front of the sensors. Close the garage door. The garage door should still close after you have adjusted the sensors. It could be interfering with the functionality of the sensor.

4. Take a look at the wiring

Also, make sure to check the wires of your garage door sensors are not loosening. Attach them to the sensors if they are. Next, recheck the garage door. If you still have problems with the sensors, it is time to learn how to trick the garage door sensors.


It will eventually become difficult to access the garage doors. We must bypass garage door sensors. It is easy to bypass garage doors. Make sure you follow these steps. They will be completed successfully.

Disengaging Garage Door Sensors

First, disconnect the sensor from the power socket. You can access the garage door manually by unplugging it.

Pull the Manual Release Cord

After you have disconnected the power, pull on the release cord at the back of the garage door motor. The cable will be disconnected by removing the manual release cord.

Manually open and close the garage door.

Manually operating your garage door is the best method to avoid garage doors. While you wait for the professional to inspect your sensors, you may manually use the garage doors.


There are many ways to bypass garage door sensors if you want to do something other than manually operate them.

Set the Sensors to Adjust

This hack is often used to bypass garage door sensors. Start by removing the wires and the sensors from your garage door.

Use a wire cutter to snip the wires. Cut the wires as close as possible to the sensor on your garage door.

Next, wire them to the Garage Door Opener. Mount the sensors and attach electrical tape so that they face each other.

The garage door opener will start to work if the sensors are adjusted. The openers will then assume that the sensors have been aligned.

This procedure comes with many risks. The garage door may sometimes not close even though an object is blocking it. It’s better than nothing to take this drastic step.

Check out the Garage Door

It doesn’t matter if you have switched the garage door into manual mode or changed the sensors. Now it is time to test the door. You can run one cycle to test if your garage door is functioning. Your garage door should work fine even without any new sensors.


You can also bypass garage doors by rewiring the safety sensors to your garage opener. Although this job is difficult, it allows you to bypass garage door sensors. You will find four wire attachments at the back of your garage door opener.

You will see black, red, and white holes from the left. When reattaching sensors, focus on the black and white blocks. The black wires should be attached to the sensors. Next, rewire the wires into the black blocks on the garage door opener. You should do the same for the white wires.


Garage door sensors can be bypassed to make your garage door work more efficiently. Even if your sensors stop working, you can still use your garage doors.

But you can’t bypass the sensors long-term. Garage door professionals are still needed. They will inspect the sensors and diagnose the problem.

Most garage sensors need to be replaced if they are damaged. Consult a trusted garage door expert in Marina Del Rey, GA, for the best door sensor solution.

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